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The United States of America (also referred to as the United States, the U.S., the USA, or America) is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district. The country is situated mostly in central North America, where its forty-eight contiguous states and Washington, D.C., the capital district, lie between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.

At 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million km2) and with over 310 million people, the United States is the third or fourth largest country by total area, and the third largest both by land area and population. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many countries. The U.S. economy is the world's largest national economy, with an estimated 2009 GDP of $14.3 trillion (a quarter of nominal global GDP and a fifth of global GDP at purchasing power parity)


The US has the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world, with a per capita GDP of $46,000. According to the CIA World Factbook, 2007 GDP is believed to be $13.84 trillion. This is three times the size of the next largest economy, Japan, which has a GDP of $4.4 trillion. It has been the world's largest national economy since 1944 and remains the world's largest manufacturer, representing 19% of the world's manufacturing output.

About 30% of the entire world's millionaire population resides in the United States (in 2009). Furthermore, 40% of the world's billionaires are American. The US is also home to the world's largest stock exchange, the New York Stock Exchange and most influential financial markets, home to major stock and commodities exchanges like NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, CME, and PHXL. It also boasts the world's largest gold reserves and the world's largest gold depository, the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

The United States is also home to 139 of the world's 500 largest companies, which is almost twice that of any other country. A large contributor to the country's success has also been a very strong and stable currency. The US dollar holds about 60% of world reserves, as compared to its top competitor, the euro, which controls about 24%.

US firms are at or near the forefront in technological advances, especially in computers and in medical, aerospace, and military equipment. Imported oil accounts for about two-thirds of US consumption. Long-term problems include inadequate investment in economic infrastructure, rapidly rising medical and pension costs of an aging population, sizable trade and budget deficits, and stagnation of family income in the lower economic groups.


English is the de facto national language of the United States, with 82% of the population claiming it as a mother tongue. Spanish is the second most common language in the country, and is spoken by over 12% of the population. The German language ranks fifth, Italian, Polish, and Greek are still widely spoken among populations descending.

Approximately 337 languages are spoken or signed by the population, of which 176 are indigenous to the area. Currently, Asian languages account for the majority of languages spoken in immigrant communities: Korean, the varieties of Chinese, and various Indian or South Asian languages like Hindi/Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, Arabic, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Persian, and others.


America is a nation of immigrants and many cultural currents exist and coexist within American life. Not only is the country populated by people from foreign countries but all Americans in one way or another trace their ancestry back to another culture, whether Irish, German, Italian or Scottish. The cultural practices and the food of the Americans reflect a perfect blend of all these cultural trends.

American culture encompasses traditions, ideals, customs, beliefs, values, arts, folklore and innovations developed both domestically and imported via colonization and immigration from the British Isles

U.S. culture has significant regional inflections. Lifestyles vary greatly. It is very formal in the west when compared to the east, while in the north it is more casual than in the south. In the south the lifestyle is more religious and traditional, mainly focusing on the family. In the east and west coast it is new, varying and trendy.

American popular culture has expressed itself through a number of media, including movies, music, sports and cultural icons.

Immigration and Work opportunities

The United States has a long history of welcoming immigrants from all over the world. The American labor market has attracted immigrants from all over the world and has one of the world's highest migration rates. The number of workers and, more importantly, their productivity help determine the health of the U.S. economy. Throughout its history, the United States has experienced steady growth in the labor force, a phenomenon that is both cause and effect of almost constant economic expansion

There are two categories of U.S. visas: immigrant and non-immigrant. Immigrant visas are for people who intend to live permanently in the U.S.

Non-immigrant visas are for people with permanent residence outside the U.S. but who wish to be in the U.S. on a temporary basis – for tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work or study.

Temporary Work Visas -Highly skilled temporary workers can work in the United States on H, L, or other temporary work visas, that require an approved petition from the USCIS.

H1 Visa - H visas are designed for skilled temporary workers in a specialty occupation to fill vacancies in the United States. The visa is granted for a period of 3 years and can be extended for up to 6 years or converted to a green card. To apply for this visa you must have the following requirements:

    A job offer in the U.S. with a company willing to sponsor you
  • A salary and working conditions that matches what others are making in the same field in the area where you will be working
  • A bachelor degree or experience in the field of employment equivalent to a bachelor degree; or
  • Relevant work experience to the position offered

If the H1 petition is approved by the USCIS, the candidate can apply for the H1 visa at the local consulate. To read more about applying for a H1 visa please click here.

L1 Visas - The L1 allows overseas companies to transfer certain categories of employees to work in the USA for up to seven years. The employee should have worked for the overseas company’s subsidiary, parent, affiliate or branch outside of the US for at least one year out of the last three years.

Workers can be petitioned individually or workers can be petitioned under a blanket petition. For a blanket petition, a company can request visas for multiple workers at the same time. To read more about applying for an L1 visa please click here.

Work Study Visa – It is an opportunity for a professional / Fresher to work full-time on a regular salary as well as earn a valuable internationally recognized Masters Degree in the USA. To read more about applying for a work study visa please click here.

Immigrant Visa – EB5

The EB5 visa allows foreign nationals to become permanent residents of the USA. It is an excellent opportunity for those interested to settle in the USA. A person investing $500,000 in certain circumstances or $1 million in a business that creates 10 jobs may be granted EB-5 permanent resident status.

To read more about the eligibility criteria for the EB5 visa please click here.

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What are Migration Jobs?

  1. Migration Jobs are those occupations which are considered in demand by the government itself.
  2. Some skills or expertise cannot be sourced locally. They need to be imported.
  3. So the government encourages those workers or professionals with a specific profile to come and settle in the country.
  4. In this case, the government is the sponsor of your permanent visa.
  5. Y-Axis is the first jobsite to identify these kind of vacancies and post them on a jobsite.
  6. To apply for a migration job, you should first find out if you are eligible.
  7. If you are, you should file a petition with the Migration Authority of that country.
  8. The time could range from 1 month to 3 years.
  9. But once your petition is approved, you get a visa which is called a Permanent Resident(PR) Visa or what is also popularly known as a Green Card.
  10. This visa offers you work authorization and the allows you to come with your family and settle down.
  11. You will need to come into the country to find the actual job.
  12. The advantage you will have as a jobseeker is that you will be able to apply for job which otherwise would not have been open to you.
  13. So study a Migration Job if you find one.
  14. Ask Y-Axis to technically evaluate you before you can invest in the migration petition.
  15. But it is certainly the smartest way to apply for an overseas job.
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